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We save our customers money by becoming their source for all aspects of the packaging process.

Packaging Cost Reduction

First, we develop an understanding of our clients’ packaging requirements – material specifications, application and filling equipment, and order quantities. Then we match those requirements with the best, most cost-effective fit.


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Packaging Design and Photography

We work with outside agencies to facilitate the creative process – from new, conceptual artwork to brand and line extensions. For food photography, we meticulously find the right food stylists and photographers for your product.


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Digital Comps – Rapid Prototypes

New packaging and products deserve rapid prototypes. With the growth of digital printing, we work with various comp houses – each with its own unique capability – and channel the work accordingly.


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Prepress – Premedia

Our prepress partner maintains all images and files in a central database so they always are accessible and available to our clients. We traffic all the files for approvals and prepare them according to our converter specifications. When appropriate, we attend first runs for press approvals.


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Color and Print Management

The job of color management does not end after the initial color sign-off; we monitor and measure the color from run to run.


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Order Management

Using our understanding of our customers’ production requirements, we place POs, track each order and arrange for the best shipping methods. All billing is consolidated with SourceWurx, and we reconcile all payments.


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NLEA Updates

The FDA has announced new nutritional panel formats that include formulation disclosures around added sugar and health nutrients that will be required to be implemented by July 2018. Are you prepared? Source Wurx has developed the ‘One Source’ plan, that addresses these changes efficiently and cost effectively. We manage this task and save you time and money in the process! Call and ask for a review of your packaging.


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