Supply Chain Management

Optimize your supply chain

Our goal is to ensure you have printed packaging on-hand at all times. We optimize our supply chain so yours is always fulfilled.

This is how we do it:

Matching you to the right partners
We profile your business based on printed packaging type, sku complexity, file color builds, volume requirements, and ship-to locations to align your portfolio of business with the right print partners and print asset base.

Transition your business into Source Wurx
Our business transition team seamlessly shifts your business into the Source Wurx portfolio.

We manage and store your assets – you retain ownership
Source Wurx manages and stores your digital assets, offering flexibility and contingency planning. Your digital assets are yours, no strings attached. You own and control your files.

Place PO’s
You place your PO with us, and we place a PO with the print partner(s) that aligns best with your business portfolio.

Source Wurx invoices only
We manage multiple printers, so you don’t have to! Source Wurx invoices you directly vs. you managing multiple vendors. All potential invoicing intricacies are managed by Source Wurx, so when you receive an invoice, it is for the exact quantity and amount you received into your plant.

We manage color
We create a personalized color-library for your skus. We receive samples of every sku from every production run and compare it to a color standard we have in-house. This ensures the labels you receive are consistent every time.

Troubleshooting is on us
Our team of technical resources can be deployed at any time to help trouble shoot and problem solve quality issues that may arise. We all know quality issues will happen in the world of printed packaging. We believe it is how we respond that makes us different than others. Our technical team responds within hours vs. days so you can rest easy.

Continuous Improvement
Through regular business evaluations we offer cost savings initiatives, inventory program ideas, innovations, and label education seminars to keep you abreast of the latest and greatest in the world of printed packaging.