Technical Support

On-site technical support to technical packaging development

From on-site technical support to technical packaging development, we have a team of representatives at the ready to make your life easier and worry-free.

Packaging/Label line audits
We walk your application lines and generate ideas to help you gain efficiencies.

Immediate technical support in case there’s an issue with application.

On-site support during business transition and packaging trials into the Source Wurx model.

Application equipment recommendations based on your need to update equipment or move into another printed packaging type.

Technical knowledge of all printed packaging types
Some printed packaging types are more complex than others. Our team of experts can combine these different packaging types to create the best flexible combination of materials to support and sustain your product.

Package conversion
If you want to convert from one printed packaging type to another, we have unbiased resources to help support and identify what printed packaging type would work for your new vision. We can help align correct container manufacturers, label types, and application equipment manufacturers to help you implement new application lines through start-up and beyond.