Turned a Client’s Unexpected Six-Figure Expense into an $80k Savings

The Customer Challenge

A major Mid-Atlantic dairy company made the strategic decision to join our printed packaging program. The Source Wurx transition team immediately began working to obtain the 126 files needed for immediate production. Through this initial onboarding process, we learned that the most current digital assets resided at the incumbent printer. It was then discovered that the printer’s per file transfer fee was $1,000, adding an unexpected additional charge of $126,000 to the estimated transition costs to the client.

The Source Wurx Solution

Our dedicated transition team worked together with the client to obtain the legacy files from the original agency. Unfortunately, once the files were in our possession, it was discovered that many were not in the correct die size, while others were missing critical NLEA elements and in need of color correction.

The Source Wurx team then developed a 6-week plan to recreate and archive all 126 files using a combination of the last printed samples and all available digital elements. Leveraging our longstanding relationships and critical mass programs at the graphics house and the printer, we were able to prioritize and fulfill the client’s program within the required timeline, saving the client more than $80,000.

The Future-Proof System

Our new client now has copies of all their files conveniently at their site and within our digital archival systems. For the first time, they have complete file control and flexibility. In addition, our solution gave them the ultimate contingency plan should there be a need to move business within our ever-expanding network of print partners in the future.

Key Takeaways

Owning your own digital assets has many strategic advantages:

Version Control
avoid losing track of critical revisions

Contingency Planning
keep all of your files at a secure centralized location

Color Control
ensure color consistency across all print technologies with a single source for prepress

Cost Control
output all files to an industry standard and avoid additional file prep costs