Saved a Dairy Customer from getting ‘Milked’ After Acquisition

The Customer Challenge

A major East Coast dairy company had recently acquired another dairy business and was preparing to integrate them into their existing operations. This process included analyzing existing printing vendors and procedures in search of inefficiencies within their business model. The ultimate strategic goal was to identify any possible opportunities to reduce expenses. However, that exploration required a trusted packaging and printing partner who could manage the bidding process and run a detailed cost analysis of the present operation.

For this partner, they chose Source Wurx.

The Source Wurx Solution

The first step for the Source Wurx team was explaining to the customer that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to packaging and printing. Potential vendors needed to be carefully screened and their core capabilities had to be categorized by strength of offering, pricing and quality. The expert team at Source Wurx then analyzed the dairy company’s complex SKU portfolio with an eye on best-in-class print partners and proven industry assets available within the Source Wurx database.

The Key Takeaway

As a result of this in-depth initiative, the team was able to provide insight into how the company could best organize their labels into similar die-sizes and colors. Via the Source Wurx print model, the customer was then able to realize optimal process efficiency and more affordable pricing across their product portfolio.

The Source Wurx team also evaluated the various components of their existing business and discovered that the incumbent printer not only had higher prices, but also dictated a rigid production cycle. Because the dairy faced consistent challenges in working within these parameters and timelines, they were having to accept expensive upcharges.

After Source Wurx completed its operational analysis, the dairy was able to save more than $150,000 annually in expenses.