Color Guard: How Source Wurx manages color across multiple forms of printed packaging for a single branded item


A prominent vegetable packer sought to ensure brand equity across multiple forms of printed packaging formats. Brand identity and color consistency are vital to all companies, especially those with various types of printed packing for a single brand.

Source Wurx was chosen to manage this brand packaging project as they are known for providing next-level collaboration with customers and printers to ensure brand consistency and color-managed expectations.


To streamline and manage color consistency across various forms of printed packaging, Source Wurx manages all the brand packaging art files. Desired color schemes are developed using different color and ink recipes for each substrate. Master color standards are created to formally align brand identity across various forms of printed packaging. Source Wurx finalizes print specifications, color standards, and expectations per each substrate for all printers involved. They then take responsibility for press approvals, and ongoing sample review to ensure color consistency across the entire printed packaging portfolio of that branded product.


  • Source Wurx as a single source supplier is able to methodically control color for all brands starting with the digital file preparation
  • Long term print partnerships ensure real-time color consistency comparisons are seamlessly managed throughout the brand’s packaging operations
  • Samples from every print run are reviewed and stored at Source Wurx for final comparison
  • Brand equity is effectively managed across all types of printed packaging