Helping a Dairy Member Find Savings After Acquisition

Member Challenge

A major East Coast dairy recently acquired another dairy and was preparing to integrate them into their existing operational structure. Part of this integration included reviewing printed packaging procurement to reduce the total cost of printed packaging. The dairy soon realized the need to engage experts in the printed packaging industry as printing is extremely complex.

Source Wurx was chosen as the trusted packaging partner to manage the total review of current procurement methodology, profile the business, manage the bid process, and help define the printed packaging procurement strategy moving forward thus resulting in savings.

The Source Wurx Solution

Source Wurx profiled the dairy’s label business from label size, to SKU count, to color management, to order quantity, and all the complexities surrounding the merged printed packaging portfolio. Source Wurx then presented the portfolio to print suppliers based on each printer’s known core competencies categorized by asset base, quality systems, and price models to generate a procurement program that offered label savings, lead time efficiencies, quality assurance, and print contingency.

The Key Takeaways

  • Double digit savings across the entire printed packaging portfolio
  • Achieved $100,000 + in annual savings
  • Lead time reduction
  • Printer contingency planning