Mitigating Cost and Streamlining Graphics Management to Improve Printed Packaging Processes

Private Labeling

A major Private Label Packer has put their trust in the Source Wurx team to help enhance graphics management and color management, in order to reduce graphics costs, ensure color consistency from print run-to-print run, and improve lead times. Due to their partnership, Source Wurx successfully manages over 3,700 skus for this packer across many different printed packaging categories.

The Source Wurx model helps this Private Label Packer with:

  • File control and flexibility
  • Version control
  • Color management consistency
  • Cost savings in graphics management and print production

Establishing File Control While Maximizing Flexibility

File ownership is critical in printed packaging. Being able to move files, if needed, effectively and efficiently from one printer to another for contingency planning purposes is key. In working with Source Wurx, the packer is able to archive and then access all of their 3,700 files in one central location.

Streamlining Management of File Versions

In the Private Label space, packaging is ever evolving… from nutrition and ingredient updates and new labeling regulations to client mandated redesigns, and brand evolutions. Because of the fluid nature of printed packaging, the ability to control versions for each individual SKU can be challenging and oftentimes, overly complex. To help the packer mitigate confusion over package design versions, Source Wurx manages version control through the coding of files in the file naming convention and on printed packaging. This protocol ensures that the printer is always using the correct version of each file and that the packer receives the correct version of each file for application.

Source Wurx also manages printed packaging color for this packer via a sampling process. This procedure begins with the establishment of a color standard for every file printed. Color standards consists of approved proofs and samples from the first production run. In coordination with the printer, Source Wurx analyzes samples from every production run (provided within 48 hours of printing) to compare against the established color standard. This organizational process and color discipline helps the packer ensure color consistency from production run to production run. Should samples not align with the color standard and be out of color tolerance, Source Wurx can instantly notify the printer to re-print effected packaging while the packer is notified to put any inbound product on hold.

Because Source Wurx manages all files and all types of printed packaging, they can ensure color consistency from cut and stack paper labels, to shrink sleeves, to carton sleeve, to bundle film, etc. for each brand. They understand branding is critical and color consistency across all brand printed packaging is key to the success of each individual brand.

Bottom Line Savings

Source Wurx realizes design changes or content updates via standard design and prepress companies can be costly. Because of Source Wurx’s critical mass and streamlined graphics managements model, they are actively saving this private label packer up to 50% in design and prepress costs vs. others while leaving the packer in total control and ownership of their files.