The Digital Divide: Bridging a Supply Chain Gap with Short-run Digital Printing


Source Wurx was engaged by a prospective customer sourcing a flexible packaging pouch from overseas. They were experiencing delays in lead times which ultimately affected their supply chain and product availability to their customer base. The ongoing complications and setbacks due to overseas sourcing led them to seek a domestic US digital source for a quick turn digital order to bridge the gap between moving to a stateside source of supply and end-customer demand.


To ensure product continuity without sacrificing packaging quality or shelf impact, the company turned to Source Wurx, a turnkey packaging partner with critical mass to support competitive programs across all forms of printed packaging. First and foremost, Source Wurx assured long-term packaging procurement by securing a US based supplier – a nod to the likelihood that global supply chain issues aren’t likely to alleviate anytime soon. 

However, the new supplier required a three-month ramp up due to material allocation – a 90-day gap that absolutely needed to be bridged. To ensure this, Source Wurx engaged a digital partner that could emulate the construction without sacrificing quality or color. The digital turnaround for the smaller volume was just two weeks. In addition to being expedient, the order also was cost-effective, as digital printing does not require major set-up fees or plates. 


  • Source Wurx secured a stateside source of supply without compromising lead time or quality
  • A small volume fill-in order provided a quick turnaround while being cost effective
  • Source Wurx was able to keep the customer in commerce through a complex transition process