Print Technologies

Experts that know printed packaging

Our team has over 100+ years of print experience. Each of us came from a printer and design prepress company. We made the move to Source Wurx because we can now offer the gamut of printed packaging types across all different print technologies. How fun is that? The ability to offer our customers all types of printed packaging in an unbiased way vs. trying to steer you into the narrow scope of what one printer offers.

An abundance of print partners means a variety of technologies

Each client and printing project is unique – one printer won’t be right for everything and everyone. We take our time aligning your portfolio with the print technology that makes sense for your printed packaging type, sku complexity, order quantity requirements, design intricacies, etc.

Technologies we offer include:

  • Offset Lithography
  • Flexography
  • Rotogravure
  • Digital

And if you are wondering how packaging types relate to print technology, please see the chart below:

Printed Packaging Type Offset Lithography Flexography Rotogravure Digital
Cut & Stack Paper & Film
Injection Mold
Pressure Sensitive
Shrink Sleeve
Flexible Packaging
Roll-to-Roll Film
Shrink Bundle Film
Carton Sleeves